Walking a mile in VR glasses

Changing jobs, cultures, countries, currencies, ways of eating and moving and working and thinking can be a huge adjustment – leaving you feeling like you have no touchstone to reality. BUT, it can also spark research questions involving empathy, experience, regulations, and policies. I have long been interested in the digital’s role in victimology, but my research was mainly concerned with how social media could be used to redefine the identity ‘victim’. By changing popular conceptions of the victim, you are also changing (even if quite slowly) public policy. Now that augmented and virtual reality are entering the mainstream, apps like the NYT news app, or the Sundance films have a chance at letting you experience something other than your own day to day in a medium other than text or video. I am extremely curious how this changes empathy. How this could change foreign and domestic policy. What implications will there be from experiencing another’s life ? This relaunch of my blog will focus on how virtual and augmented reality affect the way we communicated and identify. I can’t wait to explore more – learn more – and discuss more. Stay tuned! This ride is just getting started.

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