The cat is back

Wow, it has been a while! How are ya? Where ya been? You may be asking the same thing! Well, we have been busy busy. We created a BS in Interactive Media (from a concentration), we have put together a lab, worked on 360 projects, and I have documented little to nothing! Not good for someone who literally wrote her dissertation about blogging. But we have way too many things to get on with this year to not document them. I will be writing, vlogging, and maybe even podcasting (I really want to play with this medium!).  I can’t wait to share this direction my research has taken. Here, I will begin to share what I learn about empathy and embodiment in VR and about gender and representation in virtual spaces. It is these two areas that my own research will focus. Others in the lab are working on 360 sound design, esports, media and messaging, historical representation in virtual spaces. I will try to feature their work here and on our Immersive Storytelling Lab blog, as well.

Now that we really are up and running with our lab, it was time to let the proverbial cat out of the bag and share. Can’t wait to start a discussion in my new-old space.

Talk soon!


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