This section is very much a work in progress. Below are a few projects I have worked on. I will add details and current projects shortly.

Modding the Ingress Community, Birmingham, AL

Modding the Ingress Community is a book project exploring how Ingress agents build and maintain community; which platforms they use, game strategies, how they deal with non-cooperative/rogue agents, and general communicative strategies.

Game Gurus, Sweden

Summer workshop given twice at HUMlab, Umeå University. Workshop taught 6-9 year olds how to code computer games using MIT’s Scratch and GameMaker.

YouTube as a Performative Arena, Sweden

3-year research project conducted through HUMlab at Umeå University. The final part of the research project brought together middle school students, teachers, researchers and authors together in an art project that investigated an expanded notion of text in schools, primarily using video at a textual object.

Hacking the identity of Victim

3-year research project looking at how victims of domestic violence use digital media to rewrite traditional mass media tellings of victimhood.